30 Before I’m 30

I’ve always been a dreamer rather than a realist. I have a set out plan of a million elaborate things I want to do with my life and as of yet most of these have not became a reality… yes I know i’m not even 21 yet but I think it’s time to get my life moving, really going somewhere.

That is the reason why I have decided to create this list… 30 things I want to do before i’m 30. A ‘Bucket list’ of sorts…

Once I complete all of these things I will write a blog dedicated to my experience, and will link them on this page.

So, lets see how many I can do….

  1. Go to University ( A bit late I know but better late than never)
  2. Buy My own car
  3. Join a gym and actually go
  4. Travel to Australia
  5. Live abroad for a year
  6. Travel to New York at Christmas
  7. Organise a surprise party for a friend
  8. Go on a cruise
  9. Travel to Japan
  10. Ride a motorbike
  11. Open my own Cocktail bar
  12. Travel to Thailand
  13. Get my own dog
  14. Drive route 66
  15. Fall in love/ Get married
  16. Go Skiing
  17. Travel to China
  18. Host a Christmas/New Years Party
  19. Live in London
  20. Run a Marathon for Charity
  21. Go to a Christmas Market in Germany
  22. Swim with Dolphins
  23. Travel to Canada
  24. Go Horse riding on a Beach
  25. Travel to California
  26. Buy a House
  27. Volunteer Abroad for a summer
  28. Graduate!!!
  29. Have a Baby
  30. Find My Passion!