What I got for my 21st Birthday!

Beware Long Post Ahead!!

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you may have seen that on the 5th July I turned 21. WOW, that’ scary to say, officially an adult! Anyway, It is safe to say that I was well and truly spoilt.

I know some people don’t like this type of post, and if your one of those people i guess you can just skip right pas this without reading it, but I also know that some people are just a little bit nosy like me and love these posts. I love reading through these posts, adding lots of stuff to my wishlist and getting idea’s for my friends and family!


This year, I hadn’t really asked for anything in specific as a present. There was nothing I needed and nothing that I was really lusting after, so My family had free reign. And they did not disappoint.Β I am so grateful for absolutely everything I received. I feel very undeserving of such lovely gifts, so please don’t think I am bragging, that’s not me at all!

So here’s what I got!


Okay, so I thought i’d start with family. The first thing I received from my Mum and dad was some big ’21’ balloons. These were amazing. So yeah, I know what your probably thinking… what exactly are you going to do with these after the day, and i’m not going to lie after the main day, these haven’t been doing a lot. But these were so special. On the main day of my birthday I was working 9-5 so not a lot of celebrating was done. Receiving these made my ‘big’ birthday seem that bit more special for some reason.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

For me this year really was the year of jewelry, which I absolutely love.

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My main present from my mum and dad this year was a Thomas Sabo necklace. I absolutely love it and honestly have not taken it off since. It is definitely the sort of thing that I would have picked out for myself.

thomas sabo.JPG

To go along with the jewelry theme my mum also got me a Pandora charm. I have been collecting Pandora charms since I was 17 and absolutely adore them. The charm that I received this year is the black enamel flower clip. I love this charm and also really needed another clip for my bracelet.


The final piece of jewelry I got from my mum and dad was a Pandora ring. I absolutely love Pandora rings and already owned 3 which I literally wear to death. The ring I got this year is the Pandora Oriental Blossom ring. I love this ring as again it is very much something I would have picked out for myself. I also love that it is very different to the other rings I own.


My last present from my parents is a ’21’ champagne flute. I absolutely love this. Although I refuse to use this and am solely using this for decorative purposes I think it looks amazing.


My older sister kiera and her boyfriend also really spoiled me this year. Everyone knows I love Disney and my two favorite Disney films are Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. So much so that my entire bedroom is subtly Alice in Wonderland themed, Keep a look out for a ‘Room tour’ post soon. Because she knows this Kiera got me the Victoria and Albert collection: Alice in wonderland espresso cup and saucer. I absolutely love this and have previously collected all of the Whittards Alice in Wonderland tea set. Again as with the Champagne Flute this is purely for decorative purposes, but by god does it look pretty!


Equally, My little sister Tash also spoilt me rotten. The first thing she got me was a ’21’ photo album. Recently I have been really into taking pictures, scrapbooking and creating memories, and as she is normally the victim who is in most of my pictures, she knows this. When I opened the photo album she told me, make this year a good one and fill it with all your memories of the year you were 21… and that’s exactly what i’m planning on doing.


Also, Tash also got me a Chamilia charm. Chamilia are almost the same as Pandora and I have both bracelets. The charm she went for was obviously the ’21’ charm. I love this as I love my bracelet to tell my story, and this part of my story is when I turned 21.


The final piece of jewelry I received from family this year was from my Granddad. My Granddad and shopping do not go hand-in-hand what-so-ever so my mum always gives him a bit of help. This year as he has fell quite ill, my mum decided that instead of taking him to the jewelry store like normal she would pick up a Pandora brochure, and let him pick out a charm. The one he picked was the Hearts safety chain. I love this because I have wanted a safety chain for ages so that it is just that little bit more safe. Also, its so special as he picked it out himself! P.s. sorry about the terrible photo, this was really hard to photograph.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

My nan, is and always has been one for fashion. She loves anything clothing and textiles. This year when she asked though I did say that I wanted some nice new Pj’s. So she had her mission and she just excelled at it. Not only did she get some amazing beautiful feminine pj’s that I just love, she also bought me the matching robe. These are from George at Asda and honestly are so beautiful and most importantly so comfortable!


My nan also got me a money box. Recently, I have been trying to save to move out and get my own place, there’s just one minor problem. I am the worst person at saving ever. That is where the money box comes in. This is one of them money boxes that you can only open by smashing it open… no other way in, so no taking anything out. Hopefully this will help me start saving a bit more. Also it looks so pretty as well!


This is just some of the amazing presents I got this year. I hope you enjoyed taking a little look into a few bits I got from my family. I honestly am so grateful and absolutely adore everything I received. What is your favorite thing I got gifted?

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