Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review!!

Nars sheer glow seems to be the foundation of all foundations and has been raved about on youtube and blogs alike for years. Many bloggers have names this as their holy grail ‘desert island’ foundation. So naturally I had to see if the massive hype surrounding this foundation was true? Well I have news for you, yes it most definitely is worth it.

nars 1

Okay so first things first, the shade range. Nars sheer glow comes in an impressive 20 shades, with varying undertones, praise the lord. This may not be as impressive as some, MAC foundations come to mind, however because of the range in colors from very pale to dark skin tones, there is something for everyone.

The packaging of this foundation is one thing that honestly I feel lets it down slightly. I mean yes the glass bottle with a matte black lid does look quite classy. But would it really be too difficult to add a pump? As it is, you have to try and pour the correct amount of product out of the bottle… which as of yet I haven’t quite managed to do. It just all comes out way too quickly!

nars 2

Now onto the important part, the actual formulation of this foundation. Nars Sheer Glow is a water based foundation, which means it does err on the runnier side (which is probably one of the reasons it pours out of the bottle so quickly), having said this I do find that the runnier formulation does mean that a little does go a long way, and blends like a dream.

I feel like this foundation should probably be renamed, as it most definitely is not sheer and isn’t particularly glowy… but hey ho!

The general finish of this foundation is a full to medium coverage, which I love. Having said that I find that many fuller coverage foundations turn quite cakey, but because of the runny blend-able texture of this foundation is sits on the skin incredibly well and really does look like skin, just airbrushed. The finish is satin-glowy and leaves the skin with a natural glow without looking too dewy or too matte.

nars 3.JPG

I find that the wear time of this foundation is extremely good. I can wear it all day and rarely have to touch up, which is a miracle for my T-zone which normally eats makeup.

And finally for the painful part, that is the price. With foundations I do normally think you get what you pay for, so obviously this foundation isn’t cheap. Coming in at £32 it’s not the most expensive but it definitely isn’t cheap. As I said though you really do get what you pay for and this foundation is absolutely great!

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