The Feminism Battle… Why I’m Siding with Camilla!

After last nights Love Island episode, it seems the feminism debate has definitely returned all guns blazing, and is very much at the front of a lot of peoples minds. It seems our ‘good egg’ girl Camilla, has divided the nation with some people thinking she is totally right to have ended things, with others saying she was over reacting.

Now this year on Love Island there is the obvious couples, but lets just all admit now we were all rooting for Jonny and Camilla ( Well we were at least rooting for Camilla), well we were at least rooting for them for the 2 days they were actually together. Last nights episode saw them coming to blows over a differing opinion on feminism and equality.

The conversation quickly escalated from an innocent conversation about who should pay for dinner on a first date to Jonny stating ‘women almost have more opportunities than men’.

ummm no. Okay, so I am not a hard core feminist, but I do not for one second think that reverse feminism is actually in place in Britain as Jonny has suggested. We are making leaps and bounds in the way of feminism with many more women in high paying jobs and roles of authority, but there is still a long way to go.

Now i’m not saying that the whole situation was Jonny’s fault, it was definitely handled badly by Camilla. Perhaps the amount of tears shed was slightly unnecessary and maybe she should not have talked about the situation in front of a room of drama fueled girls. But I personally do believe that she was right to stand up for what she believe’s in. And although there might not be someone out there who has the same views as her on everything, I do believe there are some debates that similar views are important.


What are your views?

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