My Face…

So no, I am not normally one for writing a lot of poetry… not one at all. I let out what I feel through words but not really through poetry. But I don’t know recently no words that can be spoken in sentences seem to make sense of just how i’m feeling.

So here goes…..

‘ Today I put my face on….

Foundation, Concealer, Powder…. layer by layer making myself look what?

Stunning, Beautiful… no just presentable.

Blushing shimmery cheeks, looks like I’ve pinched the blood to the surface.

Next, mascara on… it brings out your eyes they say,

Is this something I want to ‘bring out’ i’d rather they fade in….

I’d rather fade in.

Painting on a smile in my best red lipstick.

A smile that will be plastered on my face all day….

But never quite reaches the eyes.

Today I put my face on….

This face helps me to laugh, when I feel like crying.

This face helps me to stay confident when I want to fall through the floor.

This face helps to hide how dead I feel inside.

This face helps me to trick everyone into thinking i’m happy.

Tonight i’ll take my face off….

When I’m all alone at home.

When no-one can see.

That’s when I feel free….

Free to take my face off… free to be the real me.

Taking my eyeliner off… Makes my eyes shallow and lifeless.

The dark circles, show the lack of sleep.

Lastly, I remove my smile. The painted perfect… fake smile.

My walls can come down.

No more fake smiles…. No more holding back tears.

Tonight I’ll take my face off…. and can finally be me!!!’

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