Life Through a Filter!

So as the name of this blog would suggest, My life does not have the cute snapchat filters which airbrush over all of the bad stuff… but does anyone’s?

As my first post I thought i’d just dive into the very unrealistic perfected world of social media and why it makes everyone think that their life has to be brilliant and basically through a filter.

So without further ado…


Okay so some people, not many but some people do have the genetics of the gods and look good all the time… these people include the likes of Lucy Hale and Demi Lovato who despite just waking up and going to the Gym look incredible. But rest assured this is not everyone. Somewhere between the addition of filters and the ‘teeth whitening tool’ we became masters at making ourselves look absolutely nothing like ourselves. And isn’t that a shame. I mean I understand the reasoning and I myself have fell victim to using every filter to try and create a somewhat better picture. But is this really you… I mean is it really you to have a dog nose and ears on every picture?


And even with all these filters what happens when your picture that you have planned all perfectly in your head, just doesn’t translate. Sometimes you can add all the filters in the world and the picture just still won’t turn out right and how does this make your self esteem feel, it plummets that’s what it does. Gone are the days that you can just blame the terrible camera that you are taking the picture on.. but really you can look stunning and if the lighting’s not working for you… it’s not going to be your day!!

Relationship Goals

Oh don’t even get me started with the amount of supposed ‘relationship goals’ we see on instagram. Now i’m not a cynic and I honestly believe that a relationship is wonderful blah blah blah, but honestly, I mean honestly do you really think that people are going to take pictures of an almighty house-on-fire brawl that erupted with their other half over who used the last tea bag…

We all are guilty of it, whether its feeling sorry for ourselves after a bad break up, or feeling lonely when single, or after one of those fights… we all look on the internet and think ‘ i wish I could be with someone like that’ or ‘ i wish my boyfriend would do that’. We all get online and feel like every other couple must have a blissful relationship full of big smiles, good morning texts and roses hand delivered to your desk at work… but come on now be honest… How many people actually do this? What have they done wrong? and what did they want in return?


Okay so be honest and raise your hand if you have ever used the #boydidgood #hedidgood hashtags on instagram… oh it irritates me and many others. Its not that I do not like seeing the wonderful Michael kors watch, or Pandora ring that you received off of your boyfriend but really does the whole world need to know. Yes he did ‘do good’ but he bought it for you, not for your ever growing collection of pictures on instagram and to get you a few extra likes. Not only that but were we not all taught that it is the thought that counts, not how many likes you can get from strangers?


Everyone likes to travel, and i’m not going to lie I am more than a little guilty of scrolling trough peoples holiday pictures on instagram and turning into the green eyed monster. But there is a lot we don’t see… everyone posts pictures of the lovely blazing hot sun and sitting round the pool but somehow they always manage to miss the pictures of the lost luggage and the 3 hour long delays. No-one takes pictures of the rainy days and the family feuds over who lost the room key, but it happens.



I can’t tell you how many people I hear complaining about how fun people’s lives look on instagram… the constant clubbing and parties. I mean I can’t even count on one hand how many times I have heard people say ‘ they are out all of the time! why can’t I have a fun life like that?’ oh what they don’t know. I am quite the party goer myself and allow me to burst that little bubble of yours… it’s really not even close to being that glamorous. Now even I have to admit that it does make for good pictures at the beginning of the night when your makeup is perfect and your hair is perfect; but it is all downhill from there. By 2 hours in your perfect ringlets that you spent hours doing will inevitably have dropped and fallen out, your perfect eyeliner, would have smudged or been cried off for some reason that only drunk you will understand and your sweaty body will be doing some horrendous alcohol induced weird dance moves, when you didn’t even know your body could make that shape.


People just aren’t going to post drunken drama, the ‘kill me now’ high bar tabs, someone crying into the toilets about an ex they broke up with when they were 12, or people passed out in a pile of their own vomit… it just doesn’t happen, and instagram would be a very different place if it did!


Oh god this one pains me, it really does. I can’t say I don’t get it we all want others to perceive us well, but really is posting a protein shake and smoothie a day really going to do that. People, this is just unrealistic, I can honestly tell you as someone who ‘tries’ to live on a paleo diet and eats healthy, even I can tell you that this lifestyle that people are posting on instagram just doesn’t happen. Everyone deserves a treat, honestly eat the bar of galaxy that has been sitting in you cupboard for ages it’s not going to kill you.


Also these posts just make everyone feel so bad, Whilst your sitting there scrolling through instagram snacking your way through an entire packet of digestive biscuits, these photos just make you feel awful and should they… I love the people who don’t mind posting photo’s of their sticky chocolaty dessert and doughnuts… these are my sort of people.


Leading on from the last one, I simply cannot stand when I scroll through my instagram feed and see a photo of someone completing their extensive exercise regime, even more than this I absolutely despise seeing someone completing this exercise regime whilst looking absolutely flawless… again filters aarrgghh!!

Okay so in all honesty this might just be because I am jealous that some people really can be that motivated and confident in their body and then there’s me, who looks like a sweaty confused mess when they are exercising and definitely not picture worthy. So yeah I think this one is mostly just jealousy… If you’ve got the motivation then carry on girl!!!


Social media in general is just a place where people can express their ‘Coolness’ through how many likes and comments they can get, am I right… but honestly, on the rare occasion that I can actually achieve a good picture which actually is instagram worthy it then comes down to picking the correct caption, which is cool and quirky, but not lame and includes just the right amount of hashtags. Seems pretty easy at first but you my dear would be sadly mistaken. For some reason I always sound dorky on instagram, all intended puns just seem to forced and everything else seems boring, oh the dilemmas. No matter how long I sit around and think of a witty yet seemingly effortless caption, the pure fact that I have spent 20 minutes doing this in itself makes it ‘uncool’. And just to top it off when you do think of a really good caption one of two things happen, either you can’t seem to manage that perfect picture so end up just giving up, or no-one reads the bloody thing!

Overall, this is why when it comes to instagram or social media as a whole, take it with a pinch of salt as nothing is quite what it seems…

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